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Professional Structural Drying Consultant Services

Ensuring that a property is completely dry is an important element in the water damage restoration process. Superficially, a structure affected by a water disaster may appear to be thoroughly dry after a few days, but in reality, pockets of water and moisture can still remain throughout the house or building. You can’t leave such an important detail to chance, because the consequences can be devastating — from a serious mold infestation to the eventual rotting of your home’s structural components.

We Are The Experts

Thankfully, there are experts from E3 Drying Academy in Indianapolis, IN who can lend you a helping hand. Whether you are facing wet ceilings, water-infiltrated floors and walls, or humid basements and crawl spaces, you can trust on our professional structural drying consultants and technicians to remove water and moisture from your property to make it habitable once more.

Our team carries out the structural drying process in three basic stages:

  • Water removal– Extracting most of the floodwater is an important first step in structural drying. Water should not be left sitting for more than 24 hours or it would soak the affected area, making it a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other pathogens. To prevent this, our structural drying professionals will bring in water pumps to drain the floodwater from your property.
  • Evaporation – The second step in structural drying involves accelerating the evaporation of moisture that has seeped into the structural elements of a property. This will be accomplished with the help of air flow machines.
  • Dehumidification – The evaporation process can introduce more moisture into the air within the property in which structural drying is being conducted. To prevent this, our restoration consultants and technicians will also use industrial dehumidifiers, bringing humidity levels back to an ideal zone.

As dedicated researchers and consultants, we see it as our duty to discover novel ways to make structural drying a more efficient process. We make sure to keep pace with the latest industry innovations to determine the most effective ways to inhibit conditions that favor mold growth and cause damage to the integrity of structures.

If you are in need of structural drying consulting services, please call us at 317-723-8000 or send us a message today. We can schedule an inspection of your water-damaged property to find out the best way to deal with the challenge you are facing.

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