Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this class is available for anyone who registers.
This Advanced Drying Class is $1,395.
Yes, we have multiple classes. Please view our classes page to view all available classes.
The class instructors are Chuck Dewald III and Christopher Laney.
Yes, our policy for cancellations are as follows:
• If you cancel 25 days or more before class a $100 cancellation fee applies per student.
• If you cancel within 15-24 days of class, a $250.00 cancellation fee will apply per student.
• If you cancel within 6-14 days of class, a $750.00 cancellation fee will apply per student.
• If you cancel within 5 days of class, no refund will be given. Cancellation fees are non-negotiable.
We provide you with a certificate of completion. But we now offer CE credits from the IICRC for our classes.
a. We help you make sense out of your psychrometric logs.
b. Educate you on knowing if your drying strategies are working or not each day of the loss.
c. Grow your confidence in your job and know when and what changes need to be made to your drying strategy.
d. Determine which drying equipment technologies will work best in all conditions.
e. We teach you how to calculate and determine which conditions will dry the fastest and how much faster.
f. Learn to predict drying times.
g. Understand the scientific and mathematical formulas for sizing of Dehumidifiers, air movers, air filtration devices, heaters, grain depression on DH’s
h. We teach E3 Enthalpy Evaporation Evaluation which is the only metric that tells you if your drying scenario is drying properly based off multiple conditions.
i. What is taught is not contradictory to the IICRC but complementary to.
j. We teach you to understand the science and math behind the evaporation of water and how to apply to water mitigation
The app is available for download in the Google Play and Apple Store. Then go to to create your account and pay for your subscriptions.
Please visit for a price breakdown.