Meet Jeff & Lori

Jeff JonesA Specialist in Counterterrorism, former US Army Soldier, Former SWAT team leader, and the youngest person to attend the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, Jeff Jones is a Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist® as well as a Certified Forensic Operator® with 50 years of field experience in Forensic Restoration®. Jeff is a Certified Crime Scene Track Investigator as well as a Certified Search and Rescue Tracker. He is a past president of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), past president of the National Institute of Rug Cleaning, a Certified Rug Specialist, a Certified Master Rug Cleaner, was the first chairman of the Forensic Council and is co-editor of the RIA Guidelines for Professional Forensic Restoration, as well as a contributor to the ANSI/IICRC S540 Standard for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup. Jeff Jones is one of the founding members of Bio-Sheen Services LLC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jeff currently serves as Director of Forensic Operations and the Master Trainer for The Global BioRisk Advisory Council. Jeff is the current Master Trainer for the Artemis Bio-Risk Training Academy and developer of the Microbial Warrior Training Experience. Jeff has taught the protocols and procedures of Forensic Restoration in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Latin America. Jeff is considered by many the most experienced Forensic Restoration® field operator in the world.

Jeff JonesA Certified Forensic Operator® as well as a Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist®, she is one of the founding members of Bio-Sheen Services LLC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Bio-Sheen of Texas and co-author of the RIA Forensic Guidelines. Lori has over 14 years of experience in the Forensic Restoration® industry that features an impressive resume of actual hands-on field work involving a vast array of Forensic Restoration® incident sites, from Infectious Disease, Homicide, Suicide, Accidental, Natural and Unattended death site remediation. Having a background as a Certified Crime Scene Track Investigator gives Lori a keen eye for detail. Lori is also Certified Master Rug Cleaner® In a critical environment, Lori brings a servant’s heart to every incident she works utilizing compassion and concern along with expertise.

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